Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday checklist


~We rode bikes to the school this morning. Shanna is getting really strong at riding! I pulled the other 2 girls in the bike trailer

~They posted the class lists at the school. Shanna got the teacher she wanted and her good friend is in her class!

~I played taxi driver for swimming lessons. I had to pick between Kaci's new fall dance class and swimming lessons for today. Swimming lessons won

~Sara ate probably half of her body weight of milk this morning. (not really, but she has sure been hungry!)

~I finally got a shower at 2pm (better late than never!)

~Shanna and Kaci are playing with Shanna's friend. They insisted on playing outside even though it is over 110* (I think they just wanted an excuse for the new soda flavored popsicles we bought!) Did I mention that Kaci thinks she needs to wear deodorant? You can always tell when she has been putting it on!

~Shanna starts her new dance classes tonight. She has 2 hours of ballet, tap and jazz. She'll sleep well tonight! It's also her turn to cook. Hmmm. I think we're going to have to switch nights.

~I got my flowers and herb garden planted late last night. I'll post pictures later!

~I have been doing the dreaded laundry. That is probably why I am sitting here writing on my blog instead of folding the two baskets in the kitchen!

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