Monday, November 24, 2008


Do you ever feel the need to air your dirty little secrets? (Whenever Kaci hears that song on the radio, she says "You're my dirty little secret Mom!) No, I don't plan on airing all of my secrets, but life has been so crazy I might just bust at the seams if I don't admit to some of the following:

1. We had such a day on Saturday tearing our dishwasher apart that we actually thought it would get better by leaving the house. We took all 3 girls to the mall AND the grocery store. Any reasonable person would know that's a bad idea...

2. I really truly actually threatened the girls that they couldn't go to church unless they cleaned up their rooms. (Does that go against any commandments?)

3. We put a dog leash on Kaci's bike to keep control of her when we walked to get Shanna from school. (Can you imagine the looks we got? Look all you want but it really worked and you'll probably see us doing it again!)

4. Now when Kaci stuffs too much food in her mouth at dinner, we just point to the bathroom and tell her to clean up after herself when she's done... We also tell her the same thing if she has a potty accident because she is being lazy...

5. I let Shanna eat hot lunch at school this week just because I was too lazy to make it. (She thought she was winning!)

6. Kaci was telling me what she learned about the first Thanksgiving. I didn't correct her when she started calling the Indians ALIENS because it was too cute and funny!

7. Shanna is testing the Santa theory by asking for a bunch of stuff she knows we'd never buy for her. Included on the list are: 2 puppies, a Sugar Glider, a motor-scooter, to know if Jacob likes her, a laptop and a video camera. We are debating on forcing her to change her list, or just let her find out the truth.

8. I am cooking a whole turkey for Thanksgiving (I was just going to do a turkey breast) because Shanna came home from school talking about this new food called "drumsticks."

I could keep going, but I think that's enough for one day!

We are looking forward to a great Thanksgiving. I hope to sleep in at least one day... the girls are excited about seeing the parade on tv tomorrow. My brother is coming for Thanksgiving dinner and is (please Bryan!) bringing some sushi. No Black Friday shopping here... I went to Costco yesterday and just about had a panic attack. I might go to the grocery store for a few last minute things, or I might just call it good and not! It is raining here, it is the perfect holiday feeling. We just need some popcorn and puzzles and we're set!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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