Thursday, November 27, 2008


I regularly read a blog that inspires me. I rarely post emotional posts, but when you feel inspired, sometimes you feel emotional. Here is the post: Bring The Rain Here is my response to her:

"Angie, this is the most beautiful post ever. I love reading your thoughts and words. I ache for you yet also admire your strength and faith.

To make this quick, I struggle to admit that I am thankful for my angel baby of December 18, 2002. (and another one in 2003) As I see Christmas lights go up each year, it tears the scab off of my heart. Somehow each year I work through the hurt and I find joy and the Christmas spirit by the time Christmas comes, but the pain and tears are so fresh and painful. These were the words I needed to hear today.

I hope your family has a beautiful day of Thanksgiving tomorrow. Now that I admitted the hard part, I can admit the easy one... I am thankful for you, your strength and the inspiration you are to me. May you feel the sun shine on your face!"

I challenge each of you to read her post, (read her story to understand what she writes about) and then think about what you are thankful for. It's a lot harder than you think.

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