Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Story...

I finally got the story tonight when I took Shanna to dance.

A man walked into the kids consignment shop directly next door to the dance studio. (The Chinese restaurant which I thought was robbed was one door over from the consignment shop.) He started arguing with his ex girlfriend. She asked him to leave, he refused. She called her boss, and then he pulled a gun to her neck. Luckily the owner heard what was happening and called 911.

The girls were dancing (their dance studio is a store front shop with big windows all over) and the teacher saw 5 men in regular clothes (SWAT) run past with machine guns. (Don't you think at this point someone from the police department would go into the studio and help keep the kids safe and let them know what was going on?) The teachers hurried all the girls from the different classes into the back classroom which has no windows and they locked the studio.

They did finally arrest the man, but he escaped at least once. So, Shanna was right... 5 guys with guns (not bad guys though) one man was arrested and he got out of the car... then they got him again.... I was impressed with how accurate her description of the situation was, down to what the people looked like. I feel so horrible that it happened, that I wasn't there to protect her. She seems to be fine though. She wasn't scared to go back to dance, and was quite matter-of-fact that the police did their job in arresting the bad guy. I just wish those innocent eyes didn't see what they saw. The other thing that keeps going over in my mind is that we almost went into the consignment shop after dropping Shanna off to get Kaci some new ballet shoes. The only reason we didn't is because Sara had fallen asleep.

It scares me how easily and fast life can change.

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