Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When I got to Shanna's dance tonight to pick her up... I saw a bunch of cop cars. She told me the Chinese restaurant next door to them had been robbed, and all of the people at her dance studio went in the back room for a while with the doors locked.

I didn't see that one coming... I'll have to update tomorrow after I read the story in the paper and talk to the people at the dance studio. She said she saw a bad guy with a gun, but I am guessing it was an officer not in uniform. (At least I hope) She said she saw them handcuff one guy, but she heard her teacher say there were 5 robbers...

So scary. I am glad she is ok. She said she was scared but tried to be brave. She said a lot of girls were screaming and crying, but she wanted everyone to be quiet so that the bad guys wouldn't find them. She said that the teachers and moms who were there were helping people to be calm, and she didn't freak out. (I wonder if she was more brave because I wasn't there?) She doesn't seem scared anymore, but I hope she doesn't have nightmares about it all.

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