Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 weeks to go!


10 weeks left!

My emotions go from being so excited and anxious to hold this next sweet little baby with a pink bow on her head next to me and hear her sweet baby noises, to feeling completely overwhelmed about how I am going to manage being the mother to 3 kids!

When I was pregnant with Shanna, I was so excited to become a mom. I only saw motherhood through rose colored glasses. I enjoyed every part of my pregnancy and was excited for every part of motherhood. Once she was born, I enjoyed every stage that she went through and didn't mind never getting sleep and always having to hold her.

When I was pregnant with Kaci, I felt so blessed that I was actually going to be able to have another baby. I knew that there would be hard times, but I didn't expect the first few months to be so demanding and exhausting. I felt like I was on Survivor, with each night getting less sleep and each day having more responsibilities. Eventually, I learned how to manage it. (I won't say when exactly that was though!)

This time, I am obviously excited and anxious to meet princess #3, but I am terrified too about how I am going to manage it all. Shanna will be out of school, dance will be on break, I will be recovering from a c-section with little sleep and 3 kids to take care of during the day (and keep entertained in the hottest part of the summer) Yikes.

I better start getting extra sleep now. And keep buying cute baby girl clothes. That always puts my mind back on track with the rose colored glasses.

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