Friday, March 07, 2008

Sea World

Our first day of vacation was great! The weather is beautiful and we are worn out. We spent all day at Sea World and the girls had so much fun seeing all of the animals. (Is that what you call them, or is it mammals, or fish??)

Shanna was excited to see the penguins, since they have been studying about them at school. We watched the dolphin show, the Shamu show and the seal show, where Shanna was picked to be the "helper" and got to shake the seal's hand. It was cute! Kaci had fun feeding the dolphins (she showed up her older sister and had no fears about touching dead fish.) They both touched the dolphins. (The little girl who helped at the dolphin show described them feeling like a "hot dog!")

We are doing some more sight seeing around San Diego tomorrow and then driving to the Palm Springs area for the rest of our vacation. We are trying to wear the kids out these first few days, and then are hoping for some relaxing time by the pool for the rest of the trip!

I will post more pictures later in the week, we have the laptop hooked up to Tyler's cell phone, so it is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to upload them!

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