Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Notes

I don't mention this (growing) bump very often. Maybe an update is due. I am now 30 weeks along... 9 weeks left! Holy Cow.

At my last appointment, she was laying transverse (sideways) That means her head is under one of my ribs and her bottom under the other and her feet are down, playing with my bladder and other sensitive organs.

She moves around like crazy, we can feel little bony parts sticking out and moving from one side of my belly to the other. My belly button has thankfully stayed in this time (I had to have the hernia caused by Kaci fixed when they took my appendix out and they said it would probably pop out again) The girls love to pull up my shirt and kiss my belly. Kaci likes to tell baby to "party" when I put them to bed. (Does she think if she starts now, she can teach her little sister to have more spunk than her?)

I think I have most things ready for her, probably about as ready as I will be! The next few months will go by quickly with all of the dance recitals coming up and Shanna's summer break from school sneaking up on us!

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