Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good to be home

It is always nice when you get home from vacation, get unpacked and feel like you're happy to be where you are. Our vacation was great, but it is a comforting feeling being back in your own house, sleeping in your own bed and having your things around you.

Here are some highlights from our trip. We got to do so many different things. We went to Sea World, a kids museum, a wildlife botanical park, the world's largest rotating tramway, a navy ship with planes on it, saw a wind generated power plant, the ocean, let the kids play at the park and swam LOTS! We ate really well, usually cooking on our own, but we also had great steak, Chinese and pizza.

We had some extreme weather, everything from hot hot summer 90s down to 27* at the top of the tramway, a day of gusty wind and snow on the way home!

Cocoa was happy to see us, he is obviously worn out, but seems to be recovering well. The girls are in bed, the suitcases are unpacked... I think it is time for me to head to bed too!

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