Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy Friday

It has been a busy day... and it's only half over.

Shanna's ankle is sore, but she'll live. I kept her home from school, so she is enjoying her game/tv couch time. It's pretty swollen and bruised, but considering it is her first major injury, it isn't too bad.

We had playgroup in our backyard this morning. It is always fun for Kaci to have friends over and have everything be about being 3. She tries so hard to keep up with Shanna and her friends, it is nice to just play on the playground and trikes every now and then!

I have been vacuuming and cleaning and making beds.. I miss having a 7 year old maid to boss around. She really does help out a lot on a normal day. I'm sure she'll be doing more than her fair share when the baby comes.

Since we had playgroup here with lots of little kids, Tyler took the dog to his "playgroup". He'll be nice and worn out when I pick him up tonight! (That sounds so wrong, having to go pick up your dog from a play date.)

Now, a quick lunch and then naps all around! Happy Friday!

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