Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Monday

It has been a good Monday.

Shanna got ready so well this morning. I made her a checklist, and she was able to earn tickets for meeting certain time goals. She got dressed, then got undressed and put her pajamas back on, because it said to be dressed by 8:00. (She didn't think it would count if she was early!) She earned all of the possible 5 tickets and I didn't have to tell her to "hurry up" once. It was great. Oh, and Tyler handed me the sleep mask this morning and gave me an extra half hour of sleep. That will make any day start better!

Robyn and I had a great bike ride. My legs feel so happy! Then I washed both my bike trailer and my walking stroller and they are drying in the sun. (It's always a happy day when the sun is shining and warm!)

Isn't this the sweetest baby hat you have seen? Thanks Mom, she will look beautiful in it!

Then, here are my favorite flowers, from my favorite person. I lov eyou Tyler!

I said earlier that I pulled some BIG green onions from the garden this weekend. Can you believe these? They were so good in the guacamole last night!

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