Saturday, March 01, 2008

A better day

I am pleased to say that today went much MUCH better than yesterday. I woke up to a bowl of sweets on my driveway, (you're the best, Robyn) then my Mom called me, (Mom, you still can make everything seem better, even now) then we had a busy, productive day!

1. We got a ton of yard work done

2. I got the baby car seat cleaned up and ready to go

3. I got some junk cleared out of the garage

4. I went to a baby shower

5. Everyone has some new summer clothes, including baby (We got to experience buying clothes for 3 kids for the first time! Ouch... just wait until they are all teenagers!)

6. I now have some comfortable maternity clothes.

7. Shanna seems to be learning her lesson, thanks to an extensive list of consequences.

8. We had an amazing dinner out tonight

9. I pulled some onions out of our garden that are HUGE (I'll post pictures later... I have never seen green onions so big!)

10. It's Saturday night! (It might just include a locked door, a movie and some chocolate cake!)

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