Friday, May 30, 2008

5 Days and Counting

This is ready

And so is this

I still need to pack my bag and pick up a few more things at the store. The girls are really excited. I am getting antsy sitting around knowing I still have a bunch of things to do. Yesterday Tyler worked from home and I was able to rest lots. He is back at the office today, so we'll see how it goes trying to keep off my feet and entertain these two monkeys.

They put together a show for me yesterday. Shanna had Kaci dressed up in rain clothes and fashioned a microphone stand together with the middle plastic part of a scotch tape roll, silly putty and a drum. They cut out rain drops and taped them on the umbrella, then Kaci sang "Rain Rain Go Away" while Shanna played it on the piano. It was really cute!

We'll see what all they come up with today to stay busy. Tyler's parents come tomorrow. It will be fun to have them here, and nice to have some help entertaining the girls.

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