Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Would you wake her?

Aieaiyaaiii... where do I start??? Let's just say "it was a day" and leave it at that. Anyways, little miss stinker finally got her nap, but 30 minutes later, it was time to run again. I had to make the hard choice on to wake a peaceful (for the first time in the day) princess or let her sleep. I chose to wake the sleeping dragon... and paid for it.

Shanna had a good time at her science fair, she didn't win anything but overall it was a good day for her. I took a picture on the other camera and it's in the car... I'll post it later. We are off to a softball game. I feel like lately I could be an air traffic controller. I make sure the planes stay in the air with the right people in them at the right time, with the right equipment. More later, this plane is ready for departure!

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