Friday, May 16, 2008

Ballet Recital

Shanna had her ballet recital tonight and was beautiful (of course!) Here's a look back at how she has grown!

This is her first recital - Pre Ballet 1

Second recital (Shanna is on the right.) Pre-Ballet 2

Third recital Pre-Ballet 3

Ballet 1

Ballet 2

Shanna preforms her tap number tomorrow night... and Kaci has her ballet debut!

However... there seems to be a glitch in everything we attempt lately, and Kaci is not feeling well. Please, please, pretty please cross your fingers that she wakes up feeling ALL better tomorrow and it can be her turn to shine. I can't tell you how many things she has sat through watching Shanna, knowing that she was too little to participate. It is heartbreaking to watch her be disappointed, and we always tell her that she can do it when she is older. She stores that information into her head and happily cheers for Shanna. It would break my heart (and hers) to have her miss her first recital tomorrow.

That's all for tonight, magic fairy, please sprinkle some fairy dust over our house while we sleep.

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