Friday, May 23, 2008

School's Out!

I'm doing my happy dance... school's out today! No more waking a grumpy girl in the morning and being a Drill Sargent barking marching orders before 8am. Thank goodness the "themed days of May" are over too! (Today being the last one, "Clean Like Crazy Day" where I am still looking for the Mr. Clean eraser to send with her) No more waking Kaci up from her nap to go pick Shanna up in the afternoon. No more frantic calls about forgetting homework, book orders, or that her lunch buddy spilled tomato soup all over her clothes and that she needs a new outfit! WAHOO!

Now, I just have to figure out how to keep her busy, the TV to a minimum, and keep the mood happy between the sisters. Shanna doesn't want school to be over, she really enjoys going. She got a perfect report card yesterday and was actually really worried about if she passed on to third grade or not! She had a great teacher this year, but has a funny way of wearing them out. Her kindergarten teacher switched grades after Shanna's class, her first grade teacher switched schools and now her second grade teacher is retiring. Hmmm... Those poor teachers really don't get paid enough for what they do for our kids!

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