Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What lurks in your backyard?

I really wish I could get the picture to work, so you'll have to use your imagination until I can post one.

We were getting ready for bed last night, Tyler went outside to bring the dog in. He started laughing and told me to come look at something. I thought he had seen a snake or a frog or something.

Guess what was sitting next to Cocoa's bowl? A big turtle!

Cocoa had been barking while we were watching tv, but I never guessed he was barking at a turtle! We haven't seen this turtle for over a year. I am now convinced that they can come and go whenever they want. But, WHERE DO THEY GO? We have never spotted one while doing yard work or playing in the backyard.

Tyler picked it up and put it in the pond. I have my doubts he'll be there when I check later! Isn't Cocoa a good dog to just bark at it and then leave it alone? When he came inside, he had these big concerned eyes like he was trying to tell us "I didn't do it."

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