Wednesday, July 16, 2008

6 Weeks Ago...

Tyler and I were up early feeding Sara and realized that 6 weeks ago, she was born! It seems like she has been part of our family forever.

I haven't gone into too many details about the day she was born yet, so I thought I would share some today.

The girls wanted us to wake them up before we left for the hospital. Shanna was in a deep sleep, and wasn't waking up. Kaci was sleeping uncovered and when I covered her and kissed her, she woke up in a panic. She usually wakes up so happy, but that morning she clung to me and we had our first clue that this whole new adventure wasn't always going to work out how we thought it would. After a lot of talking, making cocoa, turning on cartoons and two really wonderful grandmas, I was able to give her my special bracelet to hold for the day and after giving Shanna a kiss, we left for the hospital.

We got to the hospital, and was ushered into a very familiar room. (I had been there three times in the past couple of months) Things this time went quickly and smooth. Before long, the grandparents and our girls came to see me before I went into surgery. This time it was Shanna who clung to me. She had a hard time seeing me in the hospital. I hugged and kissed them and then Tyler and I walked down the long hallway to the operating room. He had to stay outside while they got me prepped. They started doing my spinal, which is the WORST thing ever. This one hurt so much more than when I had Kaci, and seeing the swelling I had for weeks after, I think maybe it didn't go in quite right.

Once they had started doing the c-section, they brought Tyler in. He held my hand and we looked at each other with nervous and anxious eyes. The c-section itself had a few scary moments, once my blood pressure was really low and I felt so sick. The scariest part was when my pulse dropped. I could hear the beeping slowing down, and I felt like I was being strangled. It was the worst feeling, but luckily they were attentive to what was happening and a few shots in the IV later, I was back to normal. All of this was worth the special moment of meeting my beautiful daughter. Saying "meeting her" is the wrong way to describe it though, because I really felt like I already knew her.

The next few days we experienced just about every emotion possible. We felt our hearts grow to fit all of this new love into them. Our family is settling into our new routine and Sara has blessed all of our lives forever...

Here is a short video of her grand debut!

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