Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our camping trip by Panguitch Lake. Shanna was too busy visiting the other campsite to get a picture of her during the day! The girls were funny and obviously out of their "norm." Kaci wanted to know why we didn't buy a tent that had a potty in it. (Not a porta-potty, a full bathroom) and Shanna was shocked that she didn't have to take a shower before bed! Kaci also looked at me with surprised eyes when I told her to brush her teeth by the picnic table and to spit her toothpaste out by the tree!

I made tin-foil dinners and cherry cobbler in my new (thanks Robyn!) dutch oven. I didn't do too bad for a newby! Robyn and Brian made great breakfast the next morning. I figured a grandma quilt would be enough blankets for us, but we froze at night, which was a different experience from the 110* heat we have had here! Sara did so well the whole trip, she was held and loved the whole time! It was so peaceful and relaxing. We will definately do it again soon.

Tyler took his bike, and had an early morning ride.

Kaci and Haylee cooking their dinner

It took a while to calm them down, but they finally fell asleep!

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