Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Inventor

Someday, Shanna will be a famous inventor. She loves robots, springs, screws, lawn mower parts, etc... I'm sure you can see the problem with that from my view. Did I mention the human zip line she wanted to invent last week?

Today, she wanted to build a complex domino effect contraption. We didn't have all of the parts she wanted. Our work bench will never be the same.

Then, she asked if she could build a wheelchair. Why a wheelchair? According to her, "because it would be cool to build." I told her that inventions were cool, but on an average day, she needed to keep her inventions to simple supplies that I DON'T NEED ANYMORE and NOT A BIG MESS TO CLEAN UP. Her practical answer? "I just need some wheels." When I asked where she would get some spare wheels (don't you have those just laying around available for an invention?) She said "I could take my skateboard apart."

I mentioned the first invention rule, and she asked the last time I rode on HER skateboard. (Right. 8 year olds are really smart.) I told her that the rule extended to things that I have bought and didn't want torn apart.

Then she said she said "Ok, I'll just build a wagon." (And that's more simple than building a wheelchair?)

I asked her how she would build a wagon. I cut her off after she told me she just needed two of our chairs and some red paint because wagons are red. I sent her back to the drawing board with the instructions of only using items in their original form without causing damage. She came back minutes later with her very enthusiastic side kick. Not too bad!

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