Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It was a Monday

Are Mondays bad just because you know it's Monday? Or is it possible that the earth tilts a little off balance every time the day of the weeks starts with an "M?"

I don't know which it is, but yesterday was pretty rough. You know those 15 loads of laundry that needed folded? Now it is up to about 20. You must either think I exaggerate or that I am lazy. Come spend a day with me and then tell me what you think. So hopefully today will be better and I can get stuff done. The biggest problem yesterday was how needy everyone was. I felt like no matter what I was doing, I was neglecting something more important!

But, we did manage to fit in a bike ride/walk last night. Shanna and Tyler have been practicing riding to her school. She is doing so well. She can ride it in 7 minutes now and has fun riding! Kaci rides as fast as I race walk, so it is great for both of us.

I set up a blog for the girls to write in. They are always asking to read and write in mine, which of course I can't let them do! What would I do if I lost my outlet to vent and be honest and tell embarrassing stories about them?? So, I set up a blog just for them. Kaci wrote (dictated) in it yesterday and Shanna is working on a post too. There is a link on the sidebar to it. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with! I reminded Shanna that other people would be reading it, so she shouldn't put all of her secrets in it! (You should see what she writes about in her diary.)

I better get busy on today. Since there are two days of the week that start with a "T" that must mean the earth tilts right today... right??

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dandjyoung said...

I love your sense of humor. I actually think I get more done on Monday but then my energy just fades as the week goes on. Hope today's better.