Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goal: Kid Friendly

In search of balance for:
Time for "Me"
Grown up time for "Us"
Kid Friendly "Family" time where my kids can be kids
Time to get things done

It is hard because being a family means all of those things are usually thrown together. Yesterday we had an expedition of a Saturday. We took the girls to see a movie, went shopping at the mall, and went out for dinner. (The first time since we had Sara) As Dr. Phil says "How is that working for ya?"

- Sara is such a calm and peaceful baby.. not so much when she is over stimulated. (Which she was for most of the day.)
- Dippin Dots at a movie... not a great idea. (Would you believe the 8 year old made a bigger mess than the 3 year old?)
- I have decided that my aversion to shopping is a direct result of taking my kids shopping with me. I will be finding a babysitter for the next time.
- Dinner out? Probably the best part of the whole day, it was nice not cleaning the kitchen!

I have decided that I have to figure out a more kid friendly life for my kids. I just can't expect them to act like little adults. So, that means better planning on activities and outings geared for them, and more grown up time to do the rest. Is this possible?

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