Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

1. Kaci bit a Wii game cd. It doesn't work anymore
2. Shanna had a birthday party at a hair and nail place. She came home looking so cute!
3. Tyler took Kaci to get her nails done and then took her to buy shoes. He is the sweetest Daddy ever!
4. I have at least 15 loads of laundry to fold. I am about ready to hire a maid.
5. Sara slept through the night for the past 3 days. It is so nice to sleep again!
6. Sara turned purple crying in the car for the first time... we thought we wouldn't have to experience that this time
7. We have had stormy weather all weekend and are loving it
8. Tyler went mountain biking on Saturday and had a great time
9. It was 10:30 before Shanna and Kaci went to bed last night and we SWEAR never to let them stay up that late again!
10. We are talking about ideas for our anniversary next week... any suggestions?

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dandjyoung said...

I just found out about your blog from Argina and thought I would stop by and see your beautiful sweet family. Hope everything is going well for you.