Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Fellow Target Shoppers...

1. I apologize that you had to be in the store with me today.

2. I apologize for the nightmares you will probably have of hearing me say one (or more) of the following:


No. We're not buying that today

Shanna, I said No

Don't ask me for anything else

I said NO

Kaci, where are you?

Shanna, can you push the cart while I hold your sister?

Put that back!

Kaci, I'm leaving. Are you coming with me?

3. Please realize that I am not brain dead. I don't usually wander the aisles of Target trying to figure out what was on my list. I was severely under the influence of an argumentative 8 year old, a tired 3 year old who wanted to see and touch everything, and a fussy newborn who needed to be fed, changed and a new binkie since she tossed hers on the floor.

4. My kids don't normally act this way

5. We won't be back again until at least next week, (trust me on that one, it might even be two weeks) so if you left the store early, you should be safe going back tomorrow.

Ps. The above applies to Walmart and Costco shoppers too, since Tyler thought he'd give me a break by taking Shanna and Kaci to run errands with him tonight.

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