Friday, February 22, 2008

Coolest Parents EVER

First the disclaimer, I have to admit that I wasn't cool enough to know this concert was coming to town. My friend, Sherry is definately cooler than me because she told me about it and when the tickets were going on sale.

But... Shanna (and Kaci too, of course) are going to go to their first heart-throb concert in April! Ever heard of Drake Bell? If you have, you either have a little girl between the age of 6-16 or you are just incredibly cool.

I can't wait to see Shanna's face when we tell her and see how she screams at the concert! It is going to be a blast! Did your parents buy you concert tickets when you were 3 or 7? I will be reminding them about this when they don't want to be seen at the mall with me when they are 16!

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