Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Dog-Gone Good Day

Cocoa went to visit a new boarding place today. It is a cage-free doggie "resort" where the dogs can choose to play inside or out all day long with each other. (They put them in their "rooms" at night and when they eat.)

We weren't sure how he'd do, since he doesn't really ever socialize with other dogs, but let's just say he loved it. I have never seen him so worn out. He slowly walked to us when we came back to get him. (Normally it would be a sprint, followed by him jumping all over us!) When he got home, he really didn't care that there was dinner in his bowl, he just had to lay down and sleep for a while.

You can tell by the picture that he is the new kid on the block and is completely worn out! I think he will do just fine without us when we leave next week!

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