Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Checklist

I haven't been very good about getting things done this week. I was late for my doctor's appointment, only worked out once, and haven't done very much laundry or cleaning. So, today I am going to make my list public and see if that'll motivate me to get more done.

1. First is the workout

2. Then the shower (I am proud to say I have done this everyday though!)

3. L-A-U-N-D-R-Y (It is such a bad word I have to spell it)

4. Playtime with my Kaci. We haven't been outside all week. She was up in the night with a fever, but I am hoping it is because she is cutting molars and she'll feel well enough for some fresh air

5. Fun with both girls - Shanna is out of school at 1:15 every Friday, so maybe I will do some crafts with both of my girls

6. Taxi time - I must get gas BEFORE I head into town though

7. Dance performance 7:00. Oh yeah, I better think of something for dinner in between #6 and #7. See, this list might be really good for me today!

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