Thursday, February 07, 2008

Did Mama Say There'd Be Days Like This?

Today was one of those days. Our computer has been messing up when we switch users. I thought it had been fixed, so when Tyler was in the shower, I switched it to my user to check my e-mail and I royally messed him up for the rest of the day on an already stressful day. Sorry babe.

Then I was at Shanna's school helping switch out their books. When I got to their classroom, Shanna was at her teacher's desk. I came up behind her to give her a hug and saw that she was crying. She was having a hard time understanding a math test, and I guess she started crying when she saw me at the door. I thought she was crying because she was frustrated, but she said she was worried I would be upset that she was asking her teacher for help! I stood behind her while her teacher explained how to do the math problem, and then since it was lunch time asked her teacher if I could borrow her for lunch. She came home and had sandwiches with us, and Tyler helped sort out the math confusion.

After I took her back, I breathed a sigh of relief that maybe the drama was over. I told Kaci that she could have quiet time instead of a nap and I started on some cleaning. I went into her room after a while to find her on her bed with a pen and paper. I said "make sure you don't get pen on your new bedspread." She looked at me with guilty eyes and I asked her if she got pen on her bed. She said that she accidentally did, but when I picked her up, I could tell that it was NOT an accidental slip, that she had drawn on their new quilt. I put her in time out and then spent the next half hour scrubbing pen on a white quilt square. Then, I remembered the marker stain on the floor of their playroom and thought I might as well tackle it as well....... Then the song "Mama said there'd be days like this" started running through my head. While I was sitting on the floor scrubbing at the stain I started wondering if my mom really did tell me there'd be days like this. I think she forgot. Or maybe I didn't listen.

The drama did start to dwindle down after all of that and I am counting the minutes until I can peek into the girls' room and see them sleeping like angels. Maybe when my girls are grown I won't tell them about the pen stains and drama, I'll just tell them the song called "Mama said there'd be nights like this" where you stand over your sleeping beauties and just be thankful for them.

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