Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's right anymore?

I am not sure what is right in this world anymore. We won't talk too much about a certain game on Sunday, because it still hurts. But, I am having a hard time knowing what was real and what was a cruel joke that night. It started with the game, then SNOW, (in case you are not familiar with this area, it doesn't usually snow here) then during the game, the satellite tv went out, luckily it came back on for the last two minutes.... then the power was out most of the night! What a crazy day. This is the most it has snowed since we moved here! We got over 2". Here's Kaci, playing with the white sandy stuff. I tried telling her buckets and shovels were for sand, and you were supposed to touch the snow. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "but it's cold!"

So I know many of you were looking for my response to the ugly events which took place on Sunday, but I was banned from posting that night and yesterday I was just too depressed. So there ya go. Tommy, I still think you are the greatest.

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