Friday, February 01, 2008

Today, I WILL Catch Up

I have an obsessive personality. I either want to do it all, perfectly, or I want to ignore it. I have been working on a baby quilt for the new baby, which I am really excited about. But here's what happens when I start a project: Nothing.

So, for the whole week, no laundry has gotten done, the vacuum has sat collecting dust in the coat closet (literally because I need to dust too) No one has gotten clean sheets... and I have only started the quilt. I haven't wanted to do much on it, because I want a huge chunk of time to just sit down and sew and not have to get up to a dirty house. I have to admit the truth that's it's not going to happen. So, today I am going to start over. I am going to be organized and clean up. Then, I am going to allow myself a couple of hours to sew. Ask me tomorrow if I got caught up today. I hope I can get it all done, because I hate being wrong!

Happy Friday!

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