Friday, September 07, 2007

1 for the Colts

We love football. We love to be competitive. So, we each have our team. No one could pick the Broncos, because OF COURSE the Broncos are the greatest team ever. They might not win every game, but they are still the greatest. Last year, Tyler chose the Colts and I chose the Patriots. Not bad, huh? They went head to head in the playoffs, and then the Patriots graciously sent the Colts on to the Superbowl. Oh yeah, and then they won. Tyler is almost never wrong about anything though, so of course they won!

Season opener last night, Colts beat the Saints 41-10. Good job Peyton!

Stay tuned for Sunday night, when The Broncos play Buffalo and the Patriots play the Jets! (On a side note, don't worry Tommy, she didn't really give your son the initals JET, it really is JETM which could be taken as GET'EM!)

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