Friday, September 07, 2007

Our Dog.... The Gardener

In Cocoa's past life, I think he was a master gardener. Or, he has something against gardeners. Maybe his ex-wife in his past life was a gardener, or cheated on him with the gardener. He will not stay out of our plants!!

It all started with our pond several months ago. Every water lettuce we could grow, he would pull out and deposit on our patio. So, my dad sent us a package which helped a lot. (Think wires and electricity) We only left it plugged in for a few weeks, and then moved it to the garden, but kept the stakes up around the pond, so he would still think it was there. Tyler took down the poles last weekend, and guess who noticed their absence this morning?

I mentioned we had to put it up around the garden too. He would get herbs and tomatoes out, and not just eat them, he would put them on top of his food in his bowl, let the flavors marinate and then eat it all! He had even more fun with the cucumbers and honeydew because they look like big tennis balls!

We were already planning on hooking up the charge by the back gate, since yesterday he got out three times when I was taking the trash cans out, and I had to chase him down the canal. I think I might just have to offer to buy the thing from my dad because it looks like we're going to be needing it for a while.

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