Thursday, September 20, 2007

Miss Smarty Pants

Shanna has been saving her allowance money. She saw a commercial on TV for an electronic diary that she really wanted. She counted her money and she had $40. I have told her in the past, that it is her money, she worked hard to earn it, and she can spend it as she wishes. (Of course within reason.) I have also told her that if she chooses to deposit it into her bank account, I will match the amount she puts in.

She found out that the diary cost $20. I asked her if she was sure that was how she wanted to spend her money. I reminded her that if she deposited her $40 and I deposited $40, she would have $80 dollars more in her bank account. Then, she amazed me with her math skills. Quicker than I could snap my fingers, she responded by saying, "so, if I buy the diary, and then put my other $20 in the bank, and you put $20 in my bank, I will still have $40 and I'll have a diary? Wow. That is like getting my diary for free!" I think I just stood there with my mouth open. Did I really get outsmarted by a 7 year old? I might have to rethink my policy!

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