Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look Mom!

When Shanna got home from school yesterday, I asked her to brush out her hair so that I could fix it for dance. I didn't mean literally brush out her hair. She came back holding a clump of her hair and said with a smile on her face, "Look Mom! This fell out!" Did she think I would be impressed or pleased? I went through all of the logical questions, such as: did you cut your hair, did you have a large tangle, did someone pull your hair at school, was someone sitting behind you in school with scissors, etc... She just kept saying "no". A mother can usually tell when one of her kids is lying, and I wasn't picking up that on my mom radar. So, then I start worrying about what might be wrong with her that would make a large clump of hair fall out of her head.

Later in the night we were all playing a game, and I mentioned to Tyler what had happened. I went and got the hair to show him. He looked at it, and immediately knew what happened. He told Shanna that he could see that the hair had been cut. (I guess I fail my detective exam) She told him that she hadn't cut her hair. He said, "well, hair doesn't just fall out with a clean edge like this" and kept questioning her about when she had scissors in her hand during the day. She said "well, when I was getting ready for dance, I did cut my hair band out of my hair just like you sometimes do when my hair is tangled, Dad!"

I guess sometimes, it just takes asking the right questions to figure out life's mysteries!

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