Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Rainy Saturday

Yippee, Wahoo, we woke up to rain!! Not just sprinkling, a hard downpour that you can hear from inside the house! It smells so good, and it is only in the 70s. We drove up the canyon to Zion National Park, and went to the farmer's market for some heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, zucchini, raspberry pepper jelly and..... some pictures of ostriches!

Last night we went to a high school football game. 2 local rivals were playing, the stands were packed and it was so exciting. The winning team scored 4 touchdowns in 92 seconds in the 4th quarter. We didn't exactly see all 4, because we had to leave due to a very ornery almost 3 year old. She has just been in prime form all week. I can't remember how we survived it the last time around, except for it was traumatic enough that we still remember it! Any grandparent out there want a visit??

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