Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why I hate mornings....

I really hate mornings. Well, I hate the way mornings go. If I only had to get up, exercise and get myself ready for the day, I might actually like mornings. But, since I have to get up, get kids up, take care of the dog, clean up the house, iron multiple outfits, get lunches and backpacks ready, start laundry, make breakfast... I hate mornings. Everything comes at me so fast, I just want to get back into bed and ignore it all. No matter how much I try to plan in advanced the night before... something always needs my attention first thing in the morning!

Also, tell me how it works that a 7 year old knows which mornings to be annoying on and wake me up early and be super demanding, and which mornings to sleep in and be lazy. It never fails, every weekend, I get woken up before dawn, asking me to make breakfast, iron some clothes, go to the park, etc.... but every school morning, it is me forcing her out of bed, force feeding her a piece of toast and pleading her to actually brush her teeth instead of staring at her mouth in the mirror!

Yeah yeah, I know.... in 20 years when it is just the two of us I will wish for a little excitement in the mornings, and I will miss all of the craziness, but I would settle for a little less of it now! I probably wouldn't complain so much and write this... except for it is morning!!

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