Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Monday Morning

We'll try a different approach this week. I am going to tell myself all day how much I love Mondays. I am going to try to be bummed out when the day is over. I am going to embrace all of the Monday craziness and maybe try to add some more, self inflicted craziness.

It is finally cooling off. When I went outside to get the paper, it was actually a little chilly. The girls will love that. They get excited any time they have an excuse to wear a jacket. The problem is... clothes. Little Miss Shanna has grown probably 2 sizes since the last time it was cold. She can almost wear my shoes! With our crazy week, I am not sure when I am going to take her shopping, but maybe since it is Monday, my new favorite day of the week, I will take both of them to shop for clothes, because I love taking them shopping! I think I am feeling better already. See... I love Mondays! Maybe I will even shop for myself too! (I love going into those dressing rooms and trying on clothes, and how the overhead lights and close up mirrors just make me feel so great!)

Also, I will embrace the large pile of clothes that have piled up that need hung and steamed or ironed. I will get busy in the backyard now that it is cool enough to work out there again. I will even try to play with the dog more. There. I love Mondays. Let's see how the day goes.

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