Friday, September 14, 2007

Wishlist: Pink Bike

Kaci and I were talking about her upcoming birthday yesterday. (She turns 3 on October 4th) In her sweetest little girl voice, she asked "Mommy, can I have a birthday party?" I thought that was so sweet of her to ask! Shanna had her first friend birthday party when she was 3, so I guess it is time for Kaci to start having them too! She has a guest list, she has a theme, and she knows what she wants: a pink bike with training wheels with a pink water bottle cage. I guess I better get busy looking for one!

It should be a fun weekend, Shanna is going to the rodeo with a friend tonight and we are having dinner with friends, Shanna has a birthday party to attend tomorrow, and then she is in the rodeo parade with her dance team later in the day. (And then there's football!)

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