Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Andy the Armadillo.... and Kaci

Last night, Texas Roadhouse had a fund raiser for Shanna's school where they donated 10% of their proceeds to her school. While we were there, they had their mascot, a stuffed armadillo walking around, giving the kids "high 5", etc. Kaci was terrified of him. I explained to her that it was only a person wearing a costume like people do for Halloween, but it didn't help much. Every time he would come around, she would freak out.

The night went on, and Little Miss Sparkle lost her sparkle, and started to show her almost 3 year old fireworks. Tyler told her that if she wasn't smiling when Andy the Armadillo came around, he would get her. So, she plastered this fake smile to her grumpy face! When he would come closer to the table, she would grin her obviously fake smile even bigger. It was hilarious. We were laughing so hard, that we forgot we were grouchy about taking "grouchy" to a restaurant.

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