Friday, September 14, 2007

It's 11:00pm, do you know where your 7 year old is?

I can't believe it. We actually stayed up late waiting for our daughter to come home from her Friday night date. Her "date" was with her good friend Shelly at the rodeo. She came home all smiles and full of stories about her fun night! It felt weird not having her around, but it was fun spending quality time with Kaci. We went to the drive through at Wendy's and watched Kaci thoroughly enjoy one of her first Happy Meals at home on a pink blanket in front of a movie. It was so much fun to watch her.

Shanna came home with autographed pictures from the rodeo queen and princess, a glow necklace and a big smile. She got to go out to dinner without Mom and Dad and had some spending money burning a hole in her purse at the rodeo. It was a fun night for her! I am sure Shelly's mom is glad the night is over though! :)

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