Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A blanket apology

I would like to publicly apologize to my parents for everything I put them through as I was growing up. Whenever I complain about my girls being ornery, they say something smart, like "Karma tastes sour the second time around"... or "Isn't Karma a great thing?"

I am sure I was a handful as a two year old, so I am sorry. I remember terrorizing my brother sometime around that age. I know I did naughty things at nap time. I am positive once I hit 7 or 8 I started acting like a teenager, so I apologize. I remember stuffing my shirt in first grade, believing that my friend had a credit card and we could ditch the bus and walk to the candy store and buy a lot of stuff. I am so sorry. Oh, and there was that time I stole my mom's blue eyeshadow in first grade and put a lot of it on in the bathroom during recess. I am sorry for that as well. But what I am really sorry for is all of the stuff I did from age 8-18. I won't list it all, (partially because I know that I got away with a lot more that I got caught for) but I know that more and more Karma is coming my way each day my girls get older. So, can I just issue a blanket apology and maybe minimize some of the agony that I have to deal with?

Wait, I just realized that the girls are only half mine. If I have to try to apologize for everything Tyler did as a kid/teenager too... I might as well just say "Karma, Bring it!!" He only acted like the "good kid". Oh boy... here it comes!!! Maybe I could just issue the blanket apology for ages 2-13 and we'll handle the teenage years at a future date. Mom, Dad, my "other" Mom & Dad, I am sorry for the hair that we caused you to either pull out, or turn gray. I hope that you enjoy hearing about our little angels doing the same to us!

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