Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have to do a "Wahoo for me moment", my new goal every day is to simplify and organize. Last week, a costume magazine came in the mail, and of course the girls got excited thinking that Halloween is like next week. Shanna decided she wanted to be her new idol, Hannah Montana. (Which by the way, is actually a pretty good singer. Tyler downloaded some of her songs for Shanna on his Ipod and I was rocking out to a 14 year old while I was mowing the other day!) So her costume was easy enough, as not surprisingly Hanna Montana has her own clothing line. So, we bought some Hannah Montana jeans, Hannah Montana shirt and Hannah Montana jacket, 20% and free shipping. We now have a Halloween costume and a fall outfit. Yeah!

Shanna pointed out one of her favorite cartoon characters from when she was little, "Stephanie" from "Lazy Town" to Kaci, and Kaci loved her because she has pink hair. Yesterday at Target, they were putting their costumes out, and Kaci spotted the "pink hair costume!" It is so cute on her, she could totally do the pink hair thing. It is amazing how much older she looks with a full head of hair! :)

So, it is only half way through September, and Halloween is a done deal. Let's just see them try to change their minds!

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